Green Glow

Green Glow is 100% skin-­fermented Sauvignon Blanc. We believe that Green Glow 2013 was New Zealand's first skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc and the style provides a really interesting and friendly wine. Oh, and the label glows in the dark. 

Well, this is a bit different. Bottled under a beer bottle-style crown cap, it's low sulphur, certified organic and made with full skin contact. A relatively deep yellow/green colour and lightly nutty, lightly oxidised character showing a touch of yeastiness, with the more orthodox Sauvignon flavours coming through, punchy and tinged with tropicality on the palate, and a fine, natural, unforced freshness and acid punch to the finish. A very interesting take on Kiwi Sauvignon, but this supernatural is not too scary.
Wine Gang, August 2016, 90 points

Grapes are hand-picked from the Eastern section of the vineyard, which due to bonier, dustier soils and more wind exposure produces smaller, riper berries and lower yields. De-stemmed without crushing, fermented at cool temperatures with indigenous yeast. Two-three weeks on skins, pressed off through a traditional basket press, fermentation finished off skins to ensure minimal oxidation. Extensive lees contact over six months to develop the characteristic texture before being prepared for bottling. Unfined and unfiltered.