Pacific Potion

Pacific Potion was produced in 2015 for exclusive use in the airline KLM's business class cabin during October and November 2016 as part of their in flight organic wine conference (what a great idea for an airline). It was so popular that we were asked if we could provide more during the period - sadly, we couldn't. 

It is an organic Hawke's Bay Sauvignon Blanc like The Supernatural, but made in a slightly less full-bodied way. It is still a very distinctively Hawke's Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

The opportunity from KLM allowed us to develop this beautiful brand. The lines on the label represent Pacific Island weaving patterns and a holographic foil has been applied which gives the label a paua shell sheen as you look at it from different angles. This is a brand we hope to do interesting things with in the future ...