The way our wines look is as important to us as the way they are made and the way they taste.

When we set up Supernatural Wine Co. in 2009, we wanted to be different in all aspects. We took more inspiration from beer branding than wine branding - we liked the way beer brands had managed to own their product and their bottles more than traditional wine companies had. And we wanted to create something simple that reflected the simple and natural approach to our winemaking. Then we did some research into the crown seal that we use and realised that it is one of the most effective wine seals, particularly when it comes to naturally-made wines. It is very effective at preventing oxidation and bacterial infection, while still allowing the wine to develop in bottle. 

We wanted the word 'natural' in our name and, in a fit of inspiration over a few glasses of wine in Auckland (having been sent away by our designers to come up with a name), we came up with 'The Supernatural'. Our wonderful design company InHouse have obviously developed branding for us that plays nicely on the double meaning. 

When we introduced our skin-fermented wines 'Green Glow' and 'Spook Light' in 2013, we wanted to keep the supernatural theme going. These labels were developed in tandem as a pair of sophisticated older siblings to 'The Supernatural'. Green is the colour of the Sauvignon Blanc grape and the 'glow' represents the deeper colour obtained from the skin fermentation. The images on the label are deep sea creatures that glow green at the bottom of the sea. The 'spook light' is an unexplained orange light phenomenon that has been observed in the Ozark region of south-western Missouri and north-eastern Oklahoma. The bats and moths on the label represent the creatures finding the light. 

And the six-packs with handles - well, that represents our affinity with beer branding and the convenience of being able to get the wine to where you need it to be. 

We do get asked a lot 'What do I do now that I have opened the wine?', to which our response is 'Drink it!'. But seriously, our wines can last several days in the fridge without sealing - in fact, they benefit over the first couple of days from air contact, as this releases many of the aromas and flavours. We do also have plans for a 'supernatural stopper' just to allay any lingering fears ...